Design evokes emotion.  A dress, a photograph, a room, a building, a landscape, a flower, a sculpture, a table, a chair, the list is limitless.  One of the most fulfilling things for me in my work is the ability to enhance an environment, no matter what the parameters are, with shapes, color, texture, light and sound.

Redesign of a legendary  live music venue in Austin, Texas. 


Melissa d’Attilio has been surrounded by artistic influences all her life. Her collaborative projects with architects, painters, photographers, stylists, dancers and musicians have greatly inspired her eye for photography. As a fine art photographer Melissa sees beauty in everything. With a strong focus on the natural world, Melissa captures a moment in time, be it water, sky or earth, that a second later has vanished. The result is often an abstract image that draws the curious observer in to wonder. Movement, decay, sensuality, color, form and light all inform her work, which she describes as putting her into "a euphoric state of being" while working.

H2O Edwards Aquifer
Believing that art takes many forms - that created by man or nature - Melissa embarked on a study of the Edwards Aquifer, which stretches through a huge area of Texas, and is one of the most prolific in the world. Water has been a life long draw for Melissa, its constantly changing beauty and fluidity providing magnificent beauty and vitality.  Over the course of three years Melissa traveled to and photographed all the natural springs that are part of the Edwards Aquifer. With this book, Melissa promotes awareness of the earth’s most precious resource: water, and the serious need to protect it. Both an art book and a factual guide, H20 Aquifer, presents the luminous beauty of these natural springs, while endeavoring to pass on a critical message.